At St Margaret Mary’s, sport is an important and integral part of our curriculum, where lessons are designed to teach and encourage the development of gross motor skills and to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Lunchtime is also an opportunity for students to be involved in organised team sport or free play, either on the school playground or at a local park. Our sports room is well-equipped with a wide range of sporting equipment for the students to use.

Students in K-2 participate in a tabloid sports carnival each year where they are involved in different sporting games and activities in a fun environment.

Years 3-6 have an opportunity to participate in both an athletics and swimming carnival throughout the year. Students can compete at a school, zone, diocesan and inter-diocesan level. There are also a number of opportunities for representation in their chosen sport.

During Term 3, students in Years 1-6 attend an intensive 10-day learn-to-swim program as part of the PDHPE curriculum.

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