Vision & Mission


St Margaret Mary's Primary School Symbol


School Symbol

The stained glass window, which is a feature of our new administration block, symbolises the diversity of the members of the school community who work together to build and educate our children in an atmosphere of tolerance, cooperation and peace between nations.

Hopefully these values will then enable our children to take their place in a multicultural society and spread the good news of care and love for one another.



St Margaret Mary's Primary School Crest


School Crest

St Margaret Mary's school crest was designed by the second Marist Principal of our school, Sister Maur S.M., (1960-1964).

The font and cross symbolise Jesus Christ, who referred to Himself as ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’.

The vine represents our union with Him and the fruitfulness which will occur in our lives if we remain in Him.

The birds that drink at the waters are like us when we recognise in Jesus, the truth which is the source of our life.

Our school crest, therefore, is also a symbol of our belonging to the Catholic Church family.





School Prayer

Dear Lord,

As we come together, we praise you for all the gifts you have given us.

Bless all our school community at St Margaret Mary's.

Thank you for our leaders, teachers, secretaries, families and friends.

Help us to learn and grow together.

Help us to be more like Jesus by treating others the way we want to be treated.

Help us always to seek to Love the Truth.

May we make our school a better place where everyone is welcomed and respected.