Our weekly school newsletter is designed to keep you and your family up-to-date with all that is happening at St Margaret Mary's.

With information about upcoming events, recent achievements, reminders and community news, our newsletter is always worth reading. Digital copies of the past and present school newsletters can be downloaded below.

  2022 Term 4 Week 9

Principal's Message, Change Details, Leaving, Welcome, StMM's School Office, Next Week's Newsletter, Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese Ltd, Important Dates for Term 4, Important Dates for 2023, Advent/Thanksgiving Liturgy- Christmas Performance, Student Prayer, Community Outreach, Christmas Appeal 2022, Green & Gold for Maur & Tosi's Colour Day, Planetarium, Requirements List for 2023, Student Leaders for 2023, Monday Assembly, Year Six Fun Day Incursion, St Margaret Mary's Parish Christmas Mass Times


  2022 Term 4 Week 8

Principal's Message, Diary Dates, Welcome, StMM's School Office, End of Year Dates, Semester 2 Reports, Leaving, Change of Details, Important Dates for Term 4, Important Dates for 2023, Students Good Book, Classes for 2023, Mufti Day- Green & Yellow, Principals Morning Tea, Monday Assembly, Year Two Team Building

  2022 Term 4 Week 7

Principal's Message, StMM's School Office, Ms Veness' Farewell Mass, End of Year Dates, CEDP COVID Information, Positive Cases - Students, Semester 2 Reports, Important Dates for End of Term 4, Students Classes, Students Good Books, Library Refurbishment, Year 6 Graduation Mass and Dinner, Leaving, Change of Details, Green and Gold Mufti Day, Mr Whitby's Farewell Mass, Year 5 Incursions, Year 3 Measurement, Kindergarten 2023 Final Orientation Morning, Year 5 Leadership Day, Monday Assembly, Principals Morning Tea, Year 6 Basketball Gala Day, Delany College Creative Emergence and Design Evening, Literacy Competition.

  2022 Term 4 Week 6

Principal's Message, Students Sharing Money, Catholic School Parramatta Diocese Ltd, CEDP Covid Information, Positive COVID Case - Students, Masks, Rapid Antigen Tests (RATS) to Families, Leaving, Don Wood Photography, Enrolment for 2023, Change of Details, End of Year Dates, Remembrance Day, Kindergarten 2023 Orientation, Year Four Incursion, Monday Assembly, Principals Morning Tea, Year Three Motiv8 Lego Club, Guessing Competition, Delany College, Lowes Sale, Literacy Competition

  2022 Term 4 Week 5

Principal's Message, Car Pick Up Safety, End of year Dates, Liturgy for Ms Veness, Enrolments for 2023, Chicken Pox, Leaving, Change of Details, Year Five Incursion, Year Four Incursion, Kindergarten 2023 Orientation Morning, All Souls Mass, Monday Assembly, Twilight Invitational Swimming Carnival, P&F Disco, Afternoon Car Pick Up, StMM's Jigsawoes here...

  2022 Term 4 Week 4

Principal's Message, Farewell Ms Veness, School Swimming Carnival, End of Year, School Website, School Bus Travel, Student Mobile Phones, Student Mufti Tokens, Leaving, Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese Ltd, Monday Assembly, Year Two Excursion, Year Four Excursion, Touch Football, Disco Volunteer, 10 Internet Safety Tips for Parents, 2023 Parramatta Diocese Team Sport Trials

  2022 Term 4 Week 3

Principals Message, End of School Year Dates, Duty of Care, Head Lice, Leaving, Year Three Motiv8 Sports, Indigenous Australia Assembly, Year One Incursion, JigSaw Launch, Back to StMM's Afternoon, Leaders Afternoon Tea, The 80s Fashion Day

  2022 Term 4 Week 2

Synopsis goes here...Principal's Message, Diary Dates, School Uniforms, Leaving, St Margaret Mary's Feast Day Liturgy, Monday Assembly, Tuesday Jigsaw Assembly, Stage 3 Working Bee, Back to StMM's Open Afternoon, StMM's Back to the 80's

  2022 Term 4 Week 1

Principal's Message, Student Attendance, Building Update, School Uniforms, Leaving, Celebrating StMM's Feast Day, Feast Day Liturgy, Indigenous Day, Year One Excursion, Year One Indigenous Incursion, Monday Assembly, Stage 3 Working Bee, Celebrating StMM's 80 Years of Educating Children Dates and Activities information, Important Dates for Term 4, Letter from Executive Director.

  2022 Term 3 Week 10

Principal's Message, End of Term Timeline, Principal's Morning Tea, Jersey Day, School Uniforms, Leaving, Michael McDowell Visit, StMM's 80 years Celebrations, Important Dates for Term 4

  2022 Term 3 Week 9

Principal's Message, School Photo's, School Fees, School Office, Students Leaving, Sports News, Principal's Morning Tea

  2022 Term 3 Week 8

Assistant Principal's Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, School Photos 2022, School Fees, StMM's School Office, Leaving, Compass, Monday Assembly, NAPLAN Results, Police Incursion, Father's Day Breakfast and Stall, Sports News, NRMA Road Safety Incursion, StMM's Sacramental Program 2022

  2022 Term 3 Week 7

Principals Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, School Fees, School Photos 2022, Leaving, Compass, Monday Assembly, Police Incursion, Diocesan Athletics Carnival, NAPLAN Results, Funny Hat/Glasses Day for Book Week, Year 3 Excursion, Father's Day Breakfast, Father's Day Stall, Father's Day Prayer, Week 8 Wellbeing Week

  2022 Term 3 Week 5

Principal's Message, Early Pick up, School Photos 2022, School Fees, Leaving, Absentee Notes, Compass, Staff Professional Learning Days, Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Delany College Monsignor McGovern Portrait 2022, Monday Assembly, Book Week 2022, Voice of Youth Finals, Cumberland Zone Athletics Carnival Representatives, Premier's Reading Challenge 2022

  2022 Term 3 Week 3

Principal's Message, School Photos, School Fees, Monday Morning Assembly, Pyjama Day, Kindy Farm Excursion, Year 4 Tableaux, Year 6 Voice of Youth, Monsignor McGovern Portrait, Premier's Reading Challenge, School Uniforms, Enrolments 2023

  2022 Term 3 Week 2

Principal's Message, School Fees, StMM's School Website, Compass, COVID & Its Impact, 3D Printing, StMM's Online Options, Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC), Pyjama Day, Monday Morning Assembly,, Enrolment for 2023, School Uniform, Monsignor McGovern Portrait Prize 2022, Commonwealth School Data Collection Notice School Census

  2022 Term 2 Week 10

Principal's Message, Teachers Stop Work Action, School Website, Compass, Building Update, Important Dates for Term 3, Red Mufti Day, The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Liturgy, Primary Athletics Carnival, Morning Assembly, Mrs Ryan's Writing Group, Premier's Reading Challenge 2022

  2022 Term 2 Week 9

Principal's Message, School Office Term 2 Closing Date, Compass, Semester 1 Reports, Building Update, Tell Them from Me Survey, COVID & Its Impact, Red Colour Mufti Day, Sacred Heart of Jesus Liturgy, Morning Assembly, Athletics Carnival, Important Dates for Term 3.

  2022, Term 2 Week 7

Principal's Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, Wellbeing Week, Enrolment Kindergarten 2023, Compass Portal, Term 2 School Fees, Principal's Morning Tea, Semester 1 Reports, Whole School Athletics Carnival, Building Update, Tell Them from Me Survey, Monday Morning Assembly, Sports News, Wellbeing Week, The Writing Festival, Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews, Year 6 Canberra Excursion

  2022 Term 2 Week 5

Principal's Message, Whole School Athletics Carnival POSTPONED, Staff Professional Learning Day, Principal's Morning Tea, Stop Work Action, Compass, Building Update, Term Two School Fees, School Uniforms, Enrolments K2023, Federal Assessment for NCCD, ARM - Attitude, Respect, Manners, Afternoon Dismissal, Canberra Excursion, Lego Club, Blue Day Fundraiser, Year Two Church Visit

  2022, Term 2 Week 3

Principal's Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, Enrolments K2023, School Uniforms, School Communication, COVID, Monday Morning Assembly, Whole School Athletics Carnival, Lego Club, Mother's Day Liturgy, Blue Fundraiser, NAPLAN 2022, NCCD Information, Bishop Vincent Long Letter to Communities

  2022 Term 2 Week 1

Principal's Message, COVID Update, Enrolment K2023, Student Uniform, Arrival Dismissal Procedures, Notification of Student Leaving, Compass Parent Portal, Holy Week & Easter Colouring in Sheets, ANZAC Day Service, VR Headset, Premier's Reading Challenge 2022, Australian Catholic Bishops Election Statement, NAPLAN Year 3 and Year 5 Students

  2022 Term 1 Week 10

Principal's Message, Kindergarten 2023 Enrolments, P&F Easter Raffle and Open Learning Spaces, School Photos, StMM's Building Update, School Fees, COVID at StMM's, Notice to Parents/Carers, Compass Parent Portal, Harmony Day, Monday Assembly, Wellbeing Week, Curriculum Day, Sports News, P&F Easter Raffle, School Uniforms

  2022, Term 1 Week 9

Principal's Message, End of Term Celebration, School Fees, Safety Concerns, P&F Easter Raffle, Sports News, School Cross Country,

  2022 Term 1 Week 8

Principal's Message, Open Morning K2023, End of Term Celebration, Compass System, COVID-19, School Fees, School Uniforms, The Wonderful Children of StMM's, Building Update, NAPLAN 2022, Harmony Day, Project Compassion Lenten Appeal, Wellbeing Week, Sports News, P&F Easter Raffle

  2022 Term 1 Week 7

Kindergarten 2023 Enrolments, Kindergarten 2023 Open Morning, School Photos, End of Term Gathering, Compass System, School Fees, School Uniforms, Sports News, Building Update, Lenten Appeal, Ash Wednesday, P&F News, Cerdon College , St Pauls Greystanes Open Day, NAPLAN, Qkr Mobile App, Lowes 20% Off

  2022 Term 1 Week 6

Principal's Message, Kindergarten 2023 Open Morning, Kindergarten 2023 Enrolments, COVID - 19, School Hours, School Fees, Sports News, Shrove Tuesday, P&F News, Project Compassion Lenten Appeal

  2022 Term 1 Week 5

Principal's Message, K2023 Open Morning, K2023 Enrolment, Zone Swimming Carnival Representatives, Primary Cross Country, Project Compassion

  2022, Term 1 Week 4

Principal's Message, COVID Update, RAT Kits, Changes to payments at StMM's Office, building Program, NEW Compass parent Portal, Commissioning mass for Student Leaders, Student Leaders 2022, Student Diary, Reading Diary, Library Books, Sports news, Students Wellbeing, Australian Government Collection Notice

  2022 Term 1 Week 3

RAT Testing Kits, Sports Days, Canteen, Reading Diary, Student Leaders, Zone Swimming Carnival

  2022 Term 1 Week 2

Principal's Message, COVID Update, Changes to Payments, Updating Parent Information, Who can I go home with, STMM's School Contact, Photo Permission, Student Medical Information, Uniforms, Important Dates, for Term 1, RAT Kits, Sports Days, 2022 Staff Personnel, Student Leaders for 2022,

  2021, Term 4 Week 11

Principal's Message, Farewell, Student Classes, School Requirements List 2022, School Website Items, Important Dates for 2022, Student Leaders for 2022, 2021 Year Six Awards, St Margaret Mary's Staff for 2022, St Margaret Mary's Parish Christmas Mass Times. 

  2021 Term 4 Week 10

Principal's Message, "D Day" Friday 10th December, Advent/thanksgiving Liturgy, Mufti Day, School Fees, office closer, families in Home Learning, StMM's Building Program, 2022 Kinder Orientation, semester 2 Reports, MAI 2022 Library books Student Leaders for 2022, St Margaret Mary's Parish Christmas Mass Times

  2021 Term 4 Week 9

Principal's Message, Advent/thanksgiving Liturgy, StMM's Semester 2 Reports, Diary Dates, School Fees, Leaving, MAI 2022, Paper Crane Day, 2022 Parramatta Diocese Team Sport Trials.

  2021 Term 4 Week 8

Synopsis Principal's Message, StMM's 2022 Building program, StMM's School Library, Important Dates for End of Year, Kindergarten 2022 Best Start, School Fees, Hats & Caps, End of Year events, StMM's Positive Case, StMM's Semester 2 Reports, Principal's Morning Tea, 2022 Parramatta Diocese Team Sports Trialsgoes here...

  2021 Term 4 Week 7

Principal's Message, StMM's 2022 Building Program, End of Year Events, Term 4 Statements, 2021 Semester 2 Reports, Library Books, 2022 Kinder Orientation, Yr Leadership Day, Yr 5 Leadership Speeches, Principal's Morning Tea, Canteen Price List

  2021 Term 4 Week 6

Principal's Address, Term 4 Statements, Year 6 End of Year Events, Kindergarten 2022, Remebrance Day, Year 5 Leadership, Message from CEDP Director

  2021 Term 4 Week 5

Student Leaving, School Bulletin and Updates, Kindergarten 2022, 2021 Semester 2 Reports, IT Information, Year 6 End of Year Events, Reminder to follow the Road Rules.

  2021 Term 2 Week 10

Principal's Message, School Payment Update, Important Dates for Term 3, Year 6 Canberra Pacer, Traffic and Parking, Parent/Teacher/Student Meetings, Term 3 Staff Professional Learning Days, 

  2021 Term 2 Week 9

Principal's message, Purchasing Hats & Library Bags, School Fees, School Payments Update, Tuesday Morning Assembly, Police Visit, Semester One Interviews, New Semester One Reports,Tell Them From Me Survey, Notice to Parents from ACARA, Term 3 Staff Professional Learning Days, Sustainability Week, Year 2 Church Visit, First Holy Communion, P&F Second Hand Uniform Shop Sale

  2021 Term 2 Week 8

Principal's Message, Wellbeing Week, School Hours, School Fees, Semester One Interviews, Winter Uniform, Tell Them From Me Survey, Semester 1 Reports, Delany College, Students Attending Parish Mass, Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, ACARA Notice to Parents, P&F Second Hand Uniform Shop Sale,

  2021 Term 2 Week 7

Principal's Message, On Time to School, Parent/Carer/Student & Teacher Interview, Excursions & Incursions, ACARA, Winter Uniform, Semester 1 Reports, Tell them from Me Survey, P&F News

  2021Term 2 Week 6

Principal's Message, New Student Report, School Hours, Photo Permission, K2022 Enrolments, Winter Uniform, School Fees, Parent/Student/Teacher Interview, Year 6 Canberra, Pentecost Celebration

  Heading for 2021 Term 2 Week 5

Synopsis goes here...

  2021 Term 2 Week 4

COVID Update, K2022 Enrolments, School Fees, Excursions & Incursions, Winter Uniform, StMM's School Website, P&F News

  2021 Term 2 Week 3

Principal's Message, 2022 Enrolments, Medical Information, Updating our Information, Morning Drop Off, Winter Uniform, Attendance Monitoring, Leaving, NAPLAN Timetable, Mother's Day Stall, Mother's Day Breakfast

  2021 Term 2 Week 2

Kindergarten 2022 Enrolments, Primary Athletics Carnival, ANZAC Day Assembly, Morning Drop Off, Winter Uniform, Monitoring Attendance, Head Lice, Mother's Day Breakfast

  2021 Term 2 Week 1

Principal's Message, Kindergarten 2022 Enrolments, School Photo's, Morning Arrival, Winter Uniform, Monitoring Attendance, Primary Athletics Carnival, Important Dates for Term 2, StMM"s Parish Sacramental Program, NAPLAN Timetable, Excursions and Incursions, ABC Reading Eggs

  2021 Term 1 Week 10

Principal's Message, Holy Thursday Prayer Service, Literacy Competition, Year 3 Incursion, Wellbeing Week, P&F Raffle

  2021 Term 1 Week 9

P&F Easter Raffle, Enrolments 2021, StMM's Refurbishment, School Holidays, Attendance/Lateness, Holy Thursday Prayer Service, Mini Vinnies, Harmony Day, Kindergarten 2022 Open Morning, St Margaret Mary's Parish Holy Week Mass Times

  2021 Term 1 Week 8

Principal's Message, Enrolments, Change of Details, Leaving, StMM's Covid Safe Plan for Visitors, Term 1 School Frees, School Hours, Representative Team Shirts, Harmony Day, Principal's Morning Tea, Our Four Pillars of Learning, Wellbeing Week P&F Easter Raffle.

  2021 Term 1 Week 6

StMM's COVID Safe Procedures, K2022 Enrolments and Open Morning, Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews, StMM's School Website, Harmony Day, P&F Easter Raffle, Bookclub, Student Banking

  2021 Term 1 Week 5

Principal's Message, Open Morning, Enrolment for K2022, School Fees, Canteen, Entering and Exiting the School, Teacher/Parent/Student Interviews, StMM's School Website.

  2021 Term 1 Week 4

Parent/Student/Teacher Interview, K2022 New Families Open Morning, K2022 Enrolments, Years 3-6 School Cross Country, School Fees, Asthma, School Hours, School Contact, Student Medical Information, Allergies, School Uniforms,

  2021 Term 1 Week 3

Principals Message, Library Borrowing, School Fees, School Hours, Car Pick Up, Reading Log, Student Diary, COVID Restrictions, School Uniforms, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Student Wellbeing, Commissioning Mass Year 6 Leaders,

  2020 Term 4 Week 10

Principal's Message, Diary Dates, Farewells, Important Dates for 2021, Term Dates for 2021, School Requirements List 2021, 2021 School Leaders, StMM's 2021 Staff St Margaret Mary's Parish Christmas Mass Times

  2020 Term 4 Week 7

Principal's Message, Yrs 1-6 2021 MAI Testing, Hats & Caps, Purple Day- Mufti Day, End of Year, School Fee Payments

  2020 Term 4 Week 6

Crazy Sock Day, New Signage, Invitational Swimming Carnival, Skoolbag App

  2020 T4 Week 4

Principal's Message, Drink Bottles, Lunch Orders, School Photo's, Kindergarten 2021

  2020 Term 4 Week 3

Principal's Message, School Photos, Jersey Day, Year 4 Sports, Enrolments, WHS Audit, Principal Awards, COVID-19, Kindergarten 2021 Newsletter

  2020 Term 4 Week 2

St Margaret Mary's Feast Day, Jersey Day, Book Week, Enrolments 2021

  2020 Term 4 Week 1

Principals Message, Student Data Validation, School Fee Credit, Evacuation Practice, School Uniforms, Jersey Day, Sick Leave, Feast of St Margaret Mary, Car Drop off & Pick up, Book Week

  2020 Term 3 Week 10

Principals Message, Diary Dates, Pyjama Day, School Uniforms, Feast of St Margaret Mary, Lowes

  2020 Term 3 Week 9

Principals Message, School Closes for Term 3, School Opens for Term 4, Chromebooks, Year 6 End of Year, Pyjama Day, St Margaret Mary's Parish..

  2020 Term 2 Week 3

Enrolment, School Uniforms, Entering and Exiting the School for Students, Hats and Caps, Library Monitor Badges, StMM’s Bottle Recycling Station

  2020 Term 1 Week 10

Principals Message, Enrolments 2021, Daylight Savings, Skoolbag App, Term 2 Uniforms, Update Email Addresses, School Fees 2020, Pillars of Wellbeing,

  2020 Term 1 Week 8 25th March 2020

Principal's Message, Prayer for Teachers, Prayer for Parents, Enrolments, Leaving, Harmony Day

  2020 Term 1 Week 7

Principal's Message Lent, COVID19 Update, Enrolments 2020, Leaving, Updating Parent Information, School Uniforms, School Caps, Lost Property, School Fees, Book Club, School Hours, NAPLAN 2020, Premier' Reading Challenge.

  Newsletter No 36 20th November 2019

Principals Message, 2020 Students Leaders, Infants Liturgy, Attendance, Semester 2 Reports, Year 6 Graduation, Iphones & Ipads, Leaving, School Hours, School Uniforms, Library Stocktake, Monday Assembly, P&F AGM, Prayer for Rain

  Newsletter No 35 13th November 2019

Principal's Morning Tea, Attendance, Colour Run, Year Six, Road Safety, Head Lice, Summer Uniform

  Newsletter No 34 6th November 2019

Leaving, Student Banking 2019, Photo Permission, School hours, Updating information, School Uniforms, Attendance, Monday morning assembly, School Canteen, Our Four Pillars of Learning, Faith Community, Teacher & Learning, Partnerships, Personal Growth, All Saints Day Mass, Student Prayer, Principal’s Morning Tea, Year 5 Leadership Process, The Debaters Luncheon

  Newsletter No 32 23rd October 2019

Principals Message, School Uniforms, School Hats, Kindergarten 2020, School Canteen, Bookclub Due, Dance Fever, Ne Regigious Education Curriculum, St Margaret Mary's Parish Multicultural Festival. 

  Newsletter No 30 25th September 2019

Mrs Prendergast Farewell, Important Dates for Term 4, Jersey Day-Mufti Day, Staff Professional Learning Day, Summer Uniform, Term 3 School Fees, School Photos, Lowes

  Newsletter 28 11th September 2019

Term 3 School Fees, Skoolbag App, Car Pick Up, School Hours, Student Attendance, School Canteen, School Fun Run, School Disco

  Newsletter No 27 4th September 2019

Principal's Message, Ball Free Day, Infants Sports Carnival, Whole School Picnic, Term 3 Fees, Updating information, Excursions and Incursions, Electronic Toys, School Hours, Lunches, Staff Profession Learning Day, Student Wellbeing, School Colour Run.

  Newsletter No 26 28th August 2019

Principals Message, School Fees, Afternoon Dismissal, Car Pick up, Father's Day Liturgy, Father's Day Breakfast, Father's Day Wrapping and Staff

  Newsletter No 25 20th August 2019

Principals Message, School Fees, Afternoon Dismissal, Car Pick up, Father's Day Liturgy, Father's Day Breakfast, Father's Day Wrapping and Staff

  Newsletter No 24 14th August 2019

Year 2 Gates, ACARA Collection Student Background Data Notice, Monday Morning Assembly, Book Week, Cumberland Zone Carnival, Maths Week

  Newsletter No 23 7th August 2019

Principal Message, Staff Professional Learning Day, Mini Vinnies Sleepout, Book Week Celebrations

  Newsletter No 22 31st July 2019

Staff Professional Learning Day, New COLA Area, Monday Morning Assembly, Pyjama Day/Family Day, Parent Numeracy Information Night, Book Week Celebrations

  Newsletter No 21 24th July 2019

Principal's Message, School Uniforms, Four Pillars, School Hours Important Dates For Term 3, Pyjama Day

  Newsletter No 20 3rd July 2019

Enrolments, School Office, StMM's Canteen, Important Dates for Term 3, Apology, 

  Newsletter No 19 26th June 2019

Principals Message, Enrolments, Term 2 School Fees, School Office, Attendance, Car Pick Up, Semester 1 Reports, Parent Teacher Interviews/Student Led Conferences, Important Dates for Term 3, Earn and Learn

  Heading for Newsletter No 18 19th June 2019

Term 2 School Fees, Allergies, Lost Property, School Uniform, Student Medical Information, Semester One Reports, TTFM Survey, Monday Assembly, Vinnies Van, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Our Four Pillars of Learning

  Newsletter No 17 12th June 2019

Principal's Message, Year 6 Canberra Excursion, Year 5 Science, Year 4 Receive Golden Ticket, Pentecost Prayer, Parent Feedback, Crocheting, Earn and Learn, Year 1 Church Visit, Miss Tuma's Wedding

  Newsletter No 16 5th June 2019

Principal’s Morning Tea, Pentecost Prayer, School Fees, Year 5 Science, Canteen Update, DET Principals Visit, Parent Feedback TTFM

  Newsletter No 15 29th May 2019

Principal’s Message, Classroom Disruptions, School Fees, Canteen Online, Second Hand Uniform, School Uniforms, Primary Athletics Carnival, Year 6 Canberra, Kindy Work, Positive Behaviour, Screentime, Our Lady Help of Christians, Student Wellbeing

  Newsletter No 13 15th May 2019

Principal's Message, Parish Car park, Student Data Survey, Canteen Online, Student Food Allergies, Morning Drop Off, School Hours, Classroom Distruptions, Mothers Day Liturgy and Stall, Mothers Day High Tea, NAPLAN 2019, TTFM Survey, Monday Morning Assembly, Head Lice ALERT, Kindergarten Incursion, Mrs Ryan Writing Group, MacKillop Rugby League Trials, Diocesan Cross Country, Representive Sports Shirts

  Newsletter No 11 1st May 2019

Principal's Message, Car Pickup, Building Update, Student Attendance, Canteen Online, Head Lice Alert, Winter Uniform, Student Medical Information, ANZAC Day Ceremony, Holy Week Liturgy, Year 1 Excursion, NAPLAN 2019, Year 3 Excursion, P&F News, EAster Raffle, Monday Morning Assembly

  Newsletter No 8 27th March 2019

School Fees, Enrolments, Parent Reminder, School Uniforms, Car Pick up, Head Lice Alert, Storm Damage, Harmony Day, CEDP Parent Retreat, NAPLAN 2019, Australian Government Student Residential Address

  Heading for Newsletter No 7 20th March 2019

Principal’s Message, Harmony Ribbon, Important Notice, Storm Damage, Student Attendance, School Fees, School Uniforms, School Student National Data Collection, Harmony Day, NAPLAN 2019, Year 2 Excursion, Morning Assembly, Working Bee, Open Morning, P&F News

  Newsletter No 6 13th March 2019

NAPLAN 2019, Student Attendance, Holidays, School Fees, Enrolment, Ash Wednesday Mass, Year 5 Dioramas, Monday Assembly, Easter Raffle

  Newsletter No 5 6th March 2019

Principal’s Message, Parent/Teacher interviews, Excursions, School Fees, Enrolment, Building update, Internet use, Attendance month, Stranger Danger, School Uniforms, Year 5 Pancake Tuesdays, World Youth Day 2019, Suprise Birthday Assembly, Primary Cross Country, Thank you, NRMA Road Safety, P&F News, Premier’s Reading Challenge

  Newsletter No 2 13th February 2019

Car Pickup, Morning Drop-off, School Fees, Student Medical Info, Photo Permission, Allergies, School Hours, Opening School Mass, Parents Meet and Greet, Monday Morning Assembly, Media Team 2019

  Newsletter No 1 6th February 2019

Principal’s Message, Student Medical Information, Photo Permission, School Fees, Change of Details, Allergies, Change of classes, School Uniforms, Crunch And Sip, School Hours, Important Dates for Term 1, Sports Days, Parish Carpark, Codes of Conduct, Library Borrowing, Skoolbag App, School Website, 2019 Staff Personnel, Student Leaders 2019, Zone Swimming Carnival, Four Pillars of Learning, Teaching and Learning